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    Reminders of deadlines and events

    Charity Dinner Audtions

    FC: Brandon Lee

    Have a talent? Showcase it at our annual charity dinner! Auditions run until April 3rd, so make sure to sign up at http://tinyurl.com/z3mmnun and submit a video, or schedule a live audition!

    Senior Stoles

    FC: Andy Nguyen

    SENIORS! If you qualify for a stole (1 DCM and at least 10 hours your senior year)Fill out the form http://tinyurl.com/hcu873x and turn in your $10 IN AN ENVELOPE with your name on it by April 8th!

  • Update

    Recap of Events

    Pet Expo

    Bay Area Pet Expo

    One of our co fundraiser coordinators, Ananya Donapati having a great time with the puppies at Bay Area Pet Expo, where many adoptions take place!

    Fingers Freezing, Still Smiling

    Turkey Trot

    Volunteers handed out bibs early in the morning on Thanksgiving Day at Turkey Trot. Thank you for volunteering early in the morning on Thanksgiving!

    Take a Risk. Take the Lead.

    Key Leader

    A campfire on the last night of Key Leader, a camping trip that brought together people from all different groups and taught us all what it meant to lead and the difference we can make on the world. It was weekend of growth, encouragement, and bonding.

    Race Against PH

    Stanford University

    Milpitas Key Club volunteered at Race Against PH (pulmonary hypertension), an event held at Stanford University every year to raise money for research.

    A Group Photo Booth Picture for the Memories

    Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

    A quick photo booth photo during a break at Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

    Making Strides 

    Making Strides to End Breast Cancer

    Milpitas Key Club volunteers helped with registration at the Making Strides to End Breast Cancer walk. Thank you to everyone that came out to volunteer!


    Recap of Recent Events

    Fall Rally North was on October 24th at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. We had 13 attendees from our school attend Fall Rally. Our division placed in the top 3 for spirit battle this year at FRN. Thank you for making this Fall Rally unforgettable! Missed out on Fall Rally? Keep your eyes out for District Convention Information!

    What's That? A Hero?

    Recap of Recent Events

    Mad love for Division 12 East Superheroes at Fall Rally North!

    Dinner with Kiwanis Family

    Milpitas Kiwanis

    Ca-zao Bui and Anna Chiang attended a Kiwanis meeting, experienced how meetings are run and had a great time getting to know Milpitas Kiwanis members, who sponsor and advise Milpitas Key Club!

    Walk to End Alzhiemer's

    Recap of Recent Events

    Milpitas Key Club volunteered at Walk to at Alzhiemer's to cheer on and direct runners and walkers on October 11th at Arena Green in San Jose. Thanks to everyone who volunteered!

    Rock n Roll with InterKey

    Rock n Roll Marathon

    Milpitas Key Club and Milpitas Interact volunteered at Water Station #1 at the San Jose Rock n Roll Marathon that took place on September 27th. Together, we had about 60 volunteers that helped hand out water to the runners. Thanks to everyone who came out super early at 5AM to volunteer!

    Kohl's Cares for Kids

    Milpitas Kiwanis

    Milpitas Key Club worked with Milpitas Kiwanis for their Kohls Cares for Kids event on August 2nd. Kohls Cares for Kids helps children who are unable to afford school clothes buy the items they need for school. Approximately 80 volunteers from multiple schools gathered at 6:00 AM to volunteer! (Milpitas, Independence, Piedmont Hills, Mission San Jose, and Saint Francis). Together the volunteers helped over 100 children do their back to school shopping. Good work everyone, and thank you for volunteering!

    Field Day With MHS Key Club

    Recap of Recent Events


    Milpitas Key Club hosted the July DCM on July 11th. At our DCM we had a guest speaker from the Humane Society speak to us about what we could do to get involved. We made ~50 Cat and Dog toys for the Humane Society! Members also got to enjoy otter pops, soda, and eggrolls at the DCM. A volleyball net was set up as well so members enjoyed a fun game of volleyball at the park. Overall, we had a successful and fun Division Council Meeting!

    Missed out on this month's division council meeting? Don't worry you can attend the August DCM on August 4th.

    SENIORS: Remember you must attend 2 DCMs to get a stole!

    Thank you for making the July DCM as successful as it was!


  • Officers

    Meet your 2015-2016 Board


    Anna Chiang

    Hi! My name is Anna Chiang and I have the honor of being your 2015-2016 Key Club President at Milpitas High. So a little bit about myself: I joined Key Club my sophomore year and originally just for community service hours. I think the quote, "The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others," by Mahatma Gandhi describes my journey with Key Club pretty well, starting off as a member just trying to get hours, getting into service, and finally to where I am today. I'm also the Co-president of Milpitas High's Hip Hop Club and dance is a pretty big part of my life. I also binge watch Korean dramas and anime when I can find the time to. I love meeting new people, so please come and say hi! I hope we have a great year as a club and I can't wait to get to know you all. 

    Vice President

    Natalie Phan

    Hello! My name's Natalie , or Nat, Phan and I am your Vice President for the 2015-2016 year! I joined key club my freshman year as the freshman class rep and I must say it was the best decision of my life. Everyone in key club is like my family, and we get to help the world together. My favorite thing about key club is the service and helping people. I get this warm fuzzy feeling inside when seeing and doing community service! Please don't be afraid to come and talk to me! I'm pretty sure I am a kind and outgoing person. Welcome to the Key Club Fam!


    Ca-zao Bui

    Helloz! My name is Ca-Zao and I'm your secretary!! I got involved with MHS's Key Club my sophomore year and spent my time as a sophomore class representative helping out the officers and getting more involved with Key. I'm very grateful for the opportunity to take on the position of secretary this year.   I love performing on stage, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Sweet Tomatoes, and musicals!! I get disgustingly enthusiastic and excited whenever I hear showtunes so don't be surprised if you hear me singin along to some random songs from Next to Normal or In the Heights. Anyway, I'm super excited to take on this 2015-16 year with you all! much luvz.


    Brooke Tran

    Hi! My name is Brooke,and I am your 2015-2016 Key Club Treasurer :3 . I joined Key Club my freshmen year, and hours of community service later, I now have the honor of serving as your treasurer. I am also in Red Cross as an officer. I look forward to working with you all throughout the year :) .

    Bulletin Editor

    Andy Nguyen

    Hello, my name is Andy and I'm the 2015-2016 Bulletin Editor for Milpitas High! I joined Key Club my freshmen year because I loved the idea of a community service club (mostly because I knew I wouldn't have done community service on my own otherwise). I became more active my sophomore year by becoming a class representative and in doing so, I was introduced to a great group of people helping a great cause. 

    I have a strong passion for color guard and I'm the instructor and choreographer for BEAT!. I'm also in IRIS and I am a part of two other clubs as an officer! In my spare time, I like to eat (a lot) and go on adventures with anyone that's willing to be around me for a long time.

    Bulletin Editor

    Audrey Marzan

    Hiya friend! I'm Audrey Marzan, a senior at MHS and co-bulletin editor. I joined KeyClub since my freshmen year and have been in cabinet since my sophomore year. I aspire to become a veterinarian one day because of my love for animals. I also love helping people, that's why I'm in KeyClub, so combining the two wasn't that hard. My favorite flavor of milk tea is earl grey, and I prefer baby pearls over regular pearls. I have really think, fluffy hair and that's how a lot of people know me by. I'm really excited for the new school year with you and hope to meet some amazing people this year!

    Event Coordinator

    Ziyuan Lei

    Hi! My name is Ziyuan Lei and I'm honored to be the 2015-2016 Event Coordinator for Milpitas High. I joined Key Club expecting to be a normal member getting my community service hours done, and then... the fire nation attacked. Just kidding haha. I made friends and those friends became my (although a little dysfunctional) family! In my free time I like playing badminton and drinking green tea lattes. :)

    Event Coordinator

    Vivian Luu

    Hi! I'm Vivian and I'm the Co-Event Coordinator. I joined Key Club to be involved and to follow the right path to a selfless and bright future. I really like to watch YouTube videos for several hours a day... and I like to travel all around the world! I like things simple, and I will try my best to find great events for Key Club members!


    Andy Chiang

    Hi Guys! My name is Andy and I will be your 2015-2016 Club Representative. I joined Key Club just for hours, but now it means a lot to me. My hobbies mainly consist of sports. I've done cross country, basketball, volleyball, track, and dragon boat.

    Senior Class Representative

    Jonathan Hong

    Hi! My name is Jonathan Hong and I'm your senior class representative. I aspired to become a leader of Key Club in order to expand my borders regarding personal service of the community and to also have fun while doing so. Key Club, to me, is a place for me to chill, mellow out, meet new people, and practice staying on top of things and all while giving back to my peers and local area. I'm a pretty average guy: I watch a lot of TV shows (if you ask me if I've watched something, I'm 99.9% sure I'll say yes). I enjoy hanging out with friends on the weekends

    Junior Class Representative

    Bea Palacio

    Hello!! My name is Bea Palacio and I'm your Junior Class Representative for the 2015-2016 school year! I've always been drawn to service and helping out the community, and doing service in a group of people who have the same passion as me is something that I highly value in life. To me, Key Club is a group of individuals that come together to work towards a common goal--service--and making the community around us a better place. I love pugs, coffee, and sleeping and look forward to a wonderful school year as your Junior Year Class Rep. 😄

    Sophomore Class Representative

    Bryan Chau

    Hello! My name is Bryan Chau and I am your sophomore class representative for the 2015-2016 school year! I look forward to meeting you all and let's all have a good year together.

    Freshmen Class Representative

    Harpreet Lally

    Hello! My name is Harpreet Lally and I am the 2015-2016 Freshmen Class Representative. I joined Key Club in hopes of finding myself through service and because of its insanely positive atmosphere. Besides Key Clubbing, I love binge watching all of my favorite tv shows and listening to music by Taylor Swift. I spend a lot of my free time going on tiny adventures through the Bay Area with my sister.

    Freshmen Class Representative

    Connor Lingle

    Hello friends! My name is Connor Lingle and I am one of the 2015-2016 Freshman Class Representatives. I joined Key Club and was very unsure of myself because I knew very few people in the club, but saw that it was buzzing with energy although it wasn't very big. Honestly, it was pretty intimidating, but with each meeting that I attended, I came to appreciate the closeness that many people shared with each other, and it made me feel like I was a part of something. I find myself wanting to share this feeling with every new member and strengthen the bonds of the old. But when I'm not doing things with Key Club, I can be found playing the piano, hanging out with friends, or out running. I look forward to a fun, service-filled year!

    Fundraiser Coordinator

    Megan Lam

    Hello there! ~ My name is Megan and I'm your co-fundraiser coordinators! As a sophomore, being curious about the many service clubs available, I decided to join and apply for key club specifically because I was surprised about the family like connections that all of its members and officers share while impacting communities as a whole. I'm involved in sports such as volleyball, wrestling, track & field, and dragonboat and I really love making people smile! You'd often find me watching One Punch Man!!! or Fullmetal Alchemist while drinking a large Jasmine milk tea with pearls from ten ren!

    Fundraiser Coordinator

    Ananya Donapati

    Hello! My name is Ananya and I'm one of your co-fundraiser coordinators! I am excited to be serving as a coordinator this year and look forward to working with you all. I really love dogs as you can tell and don't be afraid to come up and  say hi!

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